Surga Central Improves Owner Engagement

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Adept Business Systems has published an update to Surga Central that supports improved engagement between commercial property agents and owners. When viewing building records, users can now select the ‘Property Owners’ dropdown to quickly see the owner of the site, view their contact information and identify properties with missing or incomplete owner data. Agents can target ownership by site, street, suburb or city.

The feature is also equipped to deal with sites having multiple properties, each of which is under different ownership, such as units at an industrial park or commercial buildings where individual suites have been sold to different owners.

For commercial agents working in highly competitive markets, having complete ownership details is perhaps the most critical piece of information; without this, a commercial agency has limited capacity to communicate market activity and secure future listing opportunities.

Surga Central’s latest feature gives agents a simple and visible method to keep ownership data up-to-date so they can understand the ownership structure of a site with greater convenience, more easily undertake strategic targeting activities and communicate with impact.