Get a clear picture of asset performance.

Interactive Stacking Plans 

Visualise and Share Building Occupancy


Surga Central’s interactive stacking plans give you a complete picture of occupancy information, vacant space and lease expiry data.  

Engage with commercial tenants, investors and owners in new ways, present tenancy information and analyse upcoming vacancies.  

Tenant Mix Charts 

Analyse, build and present tenancy types 


Tenant mix charts provide a visual breakdown of various tenant types at a building or commercial premises.  

With one simple click, gain a visual perspective of your asset’s tenancy types and analyse risk vs. opportunity.  

Prepare and send tenant mix reports to your property owner or share with prospective buyers and tenants. 

Lease Expiry Profiles 

Minimise vacancy and stay proactive with tenant requirements 


Keep a visual tab of asset performance and know ahead of time when tenant leases are due to expire.  

Take a proactive approach to managing tenant requirements ahead of time and secure leasing opportunities.