You're always informed from day one.


Market intelligence at your fingertips – instill confidence, drive better deals 

Get a 360 degree view of sales and leasing activity with Surga Central’s integrated comparable searches. 

Develop deeper insights into market trends and demonstrate complete knowledge to buyers, tenants and owners with confidence so you can negotiate better deals.  

Streamline the way you produce comparable reports. Create your own layout and generate meaningful reports effortlessly. 


Track External Agency Stock

Fulfill tenant and buyer requirements even faster 

In competitive markets where stock is limited and collaborative selling is critical, use Surga Central’s External Search to help satisfy the needs of prospective buyers and tenants.  

Store, track and find availability from other agencies based on your client’s requirements. 

Identify listings belonging to a specific agency and send availability requests to each agent.  

Receive automated matches for external listings to buyer and tenant requirements.