Surga Central Helps Commercial Agents Cope in Fast-Moving Property Markets

Monday 13 February 2017


Demand for commercial real estate in major cities such as London and Sydney continues to outstrip supply, leading to acute shortages of stock and corresponding rises in rents and prices.  In consequence, it is now far more likely for a commercial real estate agent to source listings to meet client requirements by collaborating with external parties who have available properties to lease or buy. But in fast-moving markets, keeping up-to-date with availability of external stock poses a major challenge.


New proptech software from Adept Business Systems offers a timely solution to that challenge. With the release of Surga Central 3.5 – Adept's cloud platform for commercial real estate – agents can quickly search property listings that involve third parties and communicate with those parties to determine what is still available.  This saves time and improves customer service by eliminating listings that are no longer available.


"Our customers see the external search and availability feature as a great initiative that will help them to keep their property databases more relevant," said Gary Clark, UK Director of Adept Business Systems.  "As commercial real estate markets have tightened, quality listings are moving very quickly and hence it's vital for agents to maintain stock lists that are up-to-date and reliable," he added.


Simultaneously released in the UK and Australia, Surga Central is used by leading agencies to market, sell and lease commercial property. Australian customers include Civium Commercial, CI Australia, Gross Waddell, Blue Commercial and Leedwell Property. In the UK, customers include London Office Search, Houston Lawrence, Ayers & Cruiks, Goodsir Commercial and Vokins.