Surga Central feeds faster to Real Commercial

Monday 24 January 2022

A new release of the Surga Central Proptech platform allows commercial agencies to feed listings directly to REA Group’s Real Commercial - Australia’s leading commercial property portal.

Using REA’s API, an agency can quickly publish listings to the portal, either as individual listings or as a group listing (when multiple listings are available at a single property). Associated information such as floor plans and video tours can also be included to provide a richer browsing experience and allowing interested parties to self-serve when further details are required. 

Enquires lodged on Real Commercial are automatically captured in the Surga Central CRM together with the underlying area of the listings of interest so that agents can quickly focus on appropriate needs.

As well as offering a faster means of publishing the listing, REA’s API responds with the URL of the advert thereby enabling Surga Central to provide an easy way for an agent to check the details of the advert from the CRM.