Surga Central 3.4 streamlines commercial property viewings

Tuesday 15 November 2016


A critical part of a commercial real estate agent’s job involves planning and conducting viewings of properties.  With the latest 3.4 release of Surga Central – Adept’s leading proptech software for commercial real estate – the process or arranging viewings has become automated and far easier.


Traditionally, the process of arranging a viewing tour is time-intensive as it involves contacting stakeholders such as tenants, owners and external agents to ensure that the proposed times are acceptable. In addition, securing access may involve checking alarm codes or the whereabouts of keys. The agent may also have to notify stakeholders to remind them about an upcoming tour.  The enquirer may also be unfamiliar with the location of the properties or where the tour will start.


With Surga Central 3.4, a commercial agent can streamline the process of planning a tour, distributing information to an enquirer and notifying stakeholders whose properties are including in the viewing tour.   Armed with the all the relevant information in one place, Surga Central’s Tour Report feature aims to reduce the time involved to minutes as well as offering enquirers a detailed itinerary branded with the agency’s logo and colours.


“Property viewings are perhaps the most important part of a commercial agent’s job” said Gary Clark, UK Director of Adept Business Systems.  “The new Tour feature has been designed to allow agents to  create the best possible impression and also improve productivity by using technology to reduce the time it takes to plan and organise a tour”, he added.


As well as the new Tour feature, Surga Central 3.4 enables agents to promote listings and results on leading social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Simultaneously released in the UK and Australia, Surga Central is used by leading agencies to market commercial real estate. In the UK, customers include Vokins, Houston Lawrence, London Office Search, Ayers & Cruiks and Goodsir Commercial. Customers in Australia include Facey Industrial, Gross Waddell, CI Australia and Blue Commercial.