All-encompassing - from opportunities to settled deals

Surga Central allows you to manage the entire process of listing, selling and leasing commercial real estate in one place.

Manage contacts, opportunities, listings, enquiries, comparables, lease expiries, owners and tenants. Transform lengthy sales cycles into fast and simple ones.

  • Specifically designed for commercial real estate
  • Manage all aspects of the sales cycle from capturing listing opportunities to settling deals
  • Centralise your property, company and contact data

Powerful CRM - develop stronger relationships and target with precision

Attract, build and retain long-lasting customer relationships with Surga Central’s powerful CRM functionality. Our sophisticated profiling capabilities will help you to improve customer service and strengthen communication with stakeholders by ensuring your message is powerful, relevant and accurate.

  • Build your own profile groups for contacts, companies and properties
  • Track interaction with key contacts and companies
  • Deliver relevant marketing communications

First-class brand representation

Surga Central provides in-built marketing solutions to elevate your brand and present your agency with perfection and consistency. Communicate with contacts using a variety of formats and deliver marketing material guaranteed to create a positive brand image.

  • Create beautiful property listing sheets in seconds
  • Generate, send and track email marketing campaigns
  • Integrated, next-generation agency websites

Interactive Stacking Plans

Interactive stacking plans give you a complete picture of occupancy information, vacant space and lease expiry data. Engage with tenants and owners in new ways - for example, show prospects other tenants in the building or analyse upcoming lease expiries and vacancies with an owner.

    • Visualise building configuration and associated occupancy information 
    • View colour coded lease expiry data
    • Compatible with commercial, industrial and retail properties

Intelligent reporting

Our extensive suite of reports will provide valuable business intelligence that will drive your ability to make informed decisions and facilitate faster, better, stronger communication with owners.

  • Over 60 reports including agent activity, listing by property type, settled deals and fee forecast
  • Visualise sales performance via dashboards and charts
  • Report property inspection activity to owners


Whether in the office, at home or on the road, Surga Central is accessible anytime, anywhere. Use Surga Central's iPad Edition to mobilise your sales team, engage with customers in new ways and maintain a competitive advantage.

  • Access via a desktop, laptop or iPad
  • Optimised for face-to-face selling
  • Drive productivity and close more deals

Flexible Search

Surga Central's powerful search facilities are fully integrated with Google Maps, allowing you to respond to the demands of prospects, tenants and owners with even greater precision and simplicity.

  • Search property listings, lease expiries and comparables by simply drawing and searching geographical areas
  • Store custom polygons and target areas of specific interest to your clients
  • Switch between map, satellite and street view


Save time and money by automating everyday critical tasks. Streamline your administration processes, be more efficient and focus on selling.

  • Automatically match contacts to property listings
  • Upload listings to leading web portals
  • Receive automated tasks, lease expiry alerts and follow up reminders

Integrated Deals and Trust Accounting

Manage real estate deals through to settlement with Surga Central’s deals module. Easy to use yet robust, the integrated deals module delivers knowledge to build accurate pipelines and fast-track agency operations.

  • Track agent performance against budgets
  • Split and manage agent commission
  • Generate fee forecast reports